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Introducing the exclusive pantent pending “VORTEX SPRAYED ON LINER” system. The Vortex Sprayliner System allows to apply a super industrial coating up to ¼” thick to any hard surface such as a pickup truck bed and have the coating dry in a matter of seconds. Able to withstand over 50,000psi of impact, the Vortex material is both industrially strong, yet easy to apply using the patent pending Portable Spray System. Vortex has the only portable spray system that allows complete professional lining or coating of virtually all hard surfaces for a permanent waterproof coating that will take a beating and last for years. Designed and developed in the laboratory of Kott Koatings, years of research and development have enabled this system to be both affordable and portable. To learn more about the Vortex Sprayliner System, check out their website at or just click the contact us button and fill in the request for on the main page.

MATRIX PRO-SYSTEMS BAKED ON FLOORING SYSTEM is an incredible option to offer your customers when it comes to creating a beautiful, super durable surface for your flooring needs. You can have your floor recolored even if it is ceramic tile, concrete or wood. With the Matrix Pro system, you can create a faux granite look on garage floors, car ports, patios, porches, kitchen floors and more. Available in either a high gloss solid color (hundreds of colors to choose from) or a faux granite finish to match any decor.

The Matrix glaze is both UV stable and Chemical Resistant. This makes it great for both interior rooms and exterior surfaces as well. Resist salt, sun, snow, dirt, shoe traffic, car tires and most chemicals. The unique patented applicator meters the material at a precise amount, heats it up for a positive bond, mixes it thousands of time and dispenses it onto the floor, all with the push of a button. The heated material fuses firm and cures quickly so you can literally walk on it in an hour and park a car on it the next day. This isn’t some cheap epoxy or big box store paint. It is a Polyphatic based glaze that will take years of wear and tear.

FLOWMAT is another first from Kott Koatings. This is an easy to apply, permanent rubber mat that comes in both a residential grade and industrial grade. The residential grade can be used in a play area for children to play upon and rain will simply flow through it leaving it dry and without any

puddles forming.

The industrial grade is great for putting around work benches to sooth tired feet and legs that stand all day. It also can’t chip so it will absorb rigorous impact such as dropping a large wrench on it by accident.

It can also be put down on the floor prior to apply a wood floor over it to help “sound deaden” noise from coming through an upper level floor. it is a great sound barrier, impact resistant barrier and all around “Great For Your Back Mat!”


Kott  Koatings was honored  to receive the  ‘Exporter of Year Award’   by the World Trade Center.


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